An interview with Diana Chu, the Co-founder and Clinical Director at, by Akhila Khanna

Diana Chu, the Co-founder and Clinical Director at, is processing her clients’ daily emotions via video calls in a pandemic-stricken world. She then sits back and envisions a Virtual Reality (VR) powered therapy island where she can meet her clients in a more immersive setting. In her interview with Akhila, Diana shares the multiple roles she plays as a Drama Therapist, oscillating between providing therapy in the virtual present and building a more promising, accessible and embodied therapeutic future with

Diana in her ‘Online Drama Therapist’ persona!

The Curious Cat

I’ve always been…

An interview with Rachel Xu, the Co-founder and CEO of, by Akhila Khanna.

When many young adults were deciding between colleges and summer internships, Rachel Xu strapped on her VR headset. She began dreaming up Curalens — a virtual island where a therapeutic journey between mental health practitioners and their clients can begin.

Akhila Khanna, an MA Drama Therapy candidate at New York University interviewed Rachel Xu, the Co-founder and CEO of Curalens, to understand how immersive technology can bring alive embodied therapeutic techniques. …

A new Bay Area-based startup is making strides towards accessible and effective virtual therapy. Backed by industry professionals and researchers, including from Stanford, is led by a group with diverse backgrounds to transform teletherapy.

In-person therapy sessions may be the norm, but as consistent meetings between patients and therapists become rare, the effectiveness of the treatment declines. With the time elapsed between sessions growing from weeks to months, virtual therapy becomes a tool for patients to stay covered and for therapists to stay updated. Teletherapy has the potential to serve over 3.5 …

Immersive therapeutic assistance — expanding accessibility and affordability.

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